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Asana and Project Management Coach

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You’re the Hero, you’re in control!

As an Asana and Project Management Coach, you’re responsible for training our clients how to manage work in Asana, using a proven framework with the ability to change it and co-create.

You’re the leader of change and a human magnet because of your charisma.

Your results-driven attitude is a fundament of your actions. Therefore, you’re unstoppable.

You get the job done ➝ review it ➝ improve it iteratively.

Your excellent interpersonal skills make our clients stay with us in a long-term business relationship. They love the way you talk, care, and lead every transformation.
Along with understanding group dynamics, you have hands-on experience with Asana. Most of your work will translate best PM practices into an ecosystem of apps evolving around Asana.
You directly support Oskar, the lead coach who delivers services focused on measurable results.
You’re agile in your actions. You are entirely in control of working with several clients through the week, each time optimizing the way you and the organization deliver results. And the means to do so are workshops/recorded training sessions/1on1 consultations and regular monthly meetings.
Additionally, you speak fluently both in English (B2/C1) and Polish.

Definitely, we’ll be EXTREMELY fortunate to work together as a team!

Us: looking for the Hero

Remote Sensei is a fast-growing, international Remote Work Institute

We help organizations across the globe develop their remote ecosystem and take teamwork to the next level.

Remote Sensei is a mix of passionate individuals committed to improving how people work, not only remotely.

We believe that learning down-to-earth skills and spiritual development is equally important to succeed as a manager and a human being.

We teach what we believe and live by those rules.

Each team member (you too!) has a huge opportunity to make a significant impact. Together, as a distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area to achieve it.

The Job: what’ll be your responsibility

As a dependable, resourceful, and experienced Coach, you will:


It’s a dynamic role with things changing daily and weekly. To be successful in this role you need to think quick, move fast and love change 💪

Tools we use (in the area of coaching)

Where this opportunity will take you?

We seek someone for the long game, someone who wants to grow with the company.

We are always going all-in when helping our customers achieve the highest potential in spiritual and mindset development.

We take the same approach with people we work with every day.

This way, together, we walk on the path to greatness.

Oskar Grochowalski

Co-founder, Lead Coach

On a mission to give workplace freedom for a broader perspective of the world.

Jacek Kryszkiewicz

Co-founder, Lead Strategist

Responsible for designing highly efficient and fulfilling remote work ecosystems.

People we learn from

Allan Weiss

Sam Ovens

Russ Ruffino

Ryan Holiday

Apply now and influence the future

The first step for you, just after you click the button below, is performing a couple of tasks and filling up the form.

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Apply now and influence the future

The first step for you, just after you click the button below, is performing a couple of tasks and filling up the form.

Are you up for it?
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